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ECE 104

UN ECE Regulation No. 104

ECE 104 is a regulation that establishes guidelines for the use of retroreflective conspicuity marking on heavy goods vehicles with a mass over 7.5 tones and trailers with a mass over 3.5 tones operating throughout Europe.

This regulation specifies the standard for the reflective materials used and where and how it must be positioned on the vehicle or trailer.

Vehicle Conspicuity Marking required under ECE 104 must carry the E-mark to show that the tape has met the minimum requirements of the regulation.

The materials are divided into 3 classes :

Class “C” : Material for contour marking

Class “D” : Material for distinctive markings/graphics intended for a limited area

Class “E” : Material for distinctive markings/graphics for an extended area

In terms of reflectivity, Class “C” is the highest grade and Class “E” is the lowest.

ECE 104 does not include any details about the actual application of the tapes on the vehicles - this information, including installation requirements, is found in Regulation No. 48.