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ECE 70 / 70-01

UN ECE Regulation No. 70

The United Nations issued the Regulation ECE No. 70, concerning the rearmarking of trucks, trailers, buses and articulated trucks. In this regulation it is stated that each rear marker has to be provided with an E-mak, if all production specifications have been fulfilled. The E-mark will be issued to the manufacturer by the Authorities after having tested the plates according to Regulation No. 70 by a certified institute.

Amendment 01 of ECE Regulation No. 70

In this Amendment, the reflection of the rear markers has to meet higher values providing improved visibility to vehicles. The Amendment 01 gives two options : the rear marker with a retroreflective and fluorescent part (RF) or rear markers with completely retroreflective (RR).

This ECE Regulation No. 70 Amendment 01 is mandatory in most countries belonging to the ECE system of the United Nations. It has the highest quality in retroreflective level that has been possible with retroreflective technology. The products fulfilling the requirements of ECE Regulation No. 70 Amendment 01 will ensure even more uniformity and safety within all the countries of the United Nations.