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EN 12899-1:2007
EN 12899-1:2007, Fixed, vertical road traffic signs
Part 1:Fixed signs

This European Standard is designed for use by road authorities. It can also be used by private developers who wish to use signs on their own land similar to those used on public highways.

The retroreflective requirements and tests in respect of materials based on glass bead technology are specified in this standard. The performance of retroreflective materials using microprismatic technology is specified in the relevant ETA which enables CE marking of such material.

This Part 1 of EN 12899 specifies requirements for complete sign assemblies (including supports), signs (sign plates with sign faces), sign plates (without sign faces) and for other major components (retroreflective sheeting, supports and luminaires).

The main intended use of fixed signs is for the instruction and guidance of road users on public and private land.

Matters not covered by this standard:

a)sign gantry and cantilever structures;

b) signs with discontinuous messages, e.g. using light emitting diodes (LED), or fibre optics;

c) variable message signs;

d) signs used for temporary purposes;

e) foundations;

f) tests for extremely low temperatures.

CE-marking of products covered by EN12899 is mandatory as of 1 July 2013 within the European Economic Area (EEA) according to CPR. 

Fixed, vertical road signs comprising of retroreflective materials made of glass bead technology shall be CE-marked according to this standard. Whereas fixed, vertical road signs comprised of microprismatic technology shall be CE-marked according to European Technical Approval (ETA) under the Common Understanding of Assessment Procedure (CUAP) Number 01.06.04.